Montana Bakery is deservedly renowned for its fresh butter formulations that include garlic, tomato, salsa and pesto marinades. All recipes are developed to meet an ever-changing consumer taste profile. These breads can be topped with butter combinations or the butter can be blended shaped and sliced before inserting to the bread to mirror the bread form and provide even distribution. In the case of Ciabatta dough balls the product is injected with the selected butter then finished with a flavoured oil dressing.

Large stone baked garlic bread. This large oval bread has three lines stamped along its length, is golden in colour, has garlic butter melted within and is brushed with a blend of garlic oil and parsley on its surface.

Small stone baked Ciabatta breads. These small stone baked breads are an oval shape with a golden-brown colour that shows through the flavoured butter coating of the top surface.

Dough balls. These Ciabatta dough balls again have a golden-brown colour with visible holes from the injection of the flavoured butters. The dough balls are then passed through an infrared oven to ensure even distribution of the butter throughout.

Flavoured butter Ciabatta loaves. This classical Ciabatta loaf has a smooth crust with vertical cuts which when opened, reveals discs of flavoured butter. When finally baked the butter melts throughout the bread.

Tear 'n' Share flavoured bread. This Ciabatta flatbread has been stamped before baking and the bread is injected and brushed with the flavoured butter giving high visual appeal - the ideal Tear 'n' Share bread.

Garlic and Cheese slices. Quality French baguettes are freshly made then sliced diagonally to give thick, single slices. The slices are then topped with garlic or any other flavoured butter and finished with grated cheese ready for the customer to bake off at home.

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