This Italian 'slipper' bread is produced from an authentic Italian recipe following a 24-hour process of fermentation incorporating Italian style wheat, yeast and extra virgin olive oil. The Ciabatta can be hand crafted to give the classical style or pinned and cut by machine to give a more uniform appearance dependant upon the customer's requirement. The final stage is to place the Ciabatta on the hot, volcanic stones of the oven, lending a rustic appearance to the finished product.

The stone baking process provides the Ciabatta with the characteristics of a light and open crumb structure with a thin and crispy crust. The raw dough is placed on trays, dusted with coarse semolina before baking.

Ciabatta exhibits the traditional distinct flavour and aromas of the extra virgin olive oil and yeast as a result of nurturing through the extended fermentation process.

Montana Bakery's Ciabatta is presented in many shapes and sizes, small rolls, bar, slipper, Pana Tasca, Panini, loaf and pizza base. The addition of Mediterranean ingredients such as olives, herbs and tomato heighten the flavour and eating profile.

Montana Bakery is at the forefront of Ciabatta recipe adaptations that enables Ciabatta variations that meets their clients' requirements of hot and cold eating.

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