Focaccia, from the Latin word - meaning hearth - originates from the northern region of Italy. Its name is derived from the traditional way of baking the bread over the embers of the fire.

Focaccia is produced using a similar method to that for Ciabatta, again following an authentic Italian recipe. After a 24-hour process of fermentation that allows full incorporation of the Italian style wheat, yeast and extra virgin olive oil, the Focaccia is then handcrafted creating a classical round style or the dough can be placed in different shape tins producing an attractive, finished bread. The very soft and airy dough is usually dimpled by hand giving an aerated effect that is visually attractive. The quality of the Focaccia can be further enhanced by addition of extra virgin olive oil, post-baking, resulting in a rich bodied bread.

Montana Bakery uses only traditional additions and topping for its Focaccia. These complementary ingredients include rosemary and rock salt, sun dried tomato, pesto, fried onion, mixed herbs and many special seed types - poppy, linseed, millet, sunflower, pumpkin and caraway to name but a few possibilities.

Focaccia recipes can be presented in many variations which offers total client choice for hot or cold eating, microwave compatibility and chill-chain versatility.

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