Montana Bakery has for many years been highly regarded and viewed as providing the industry benchmark in hand-finished croissants, pain au chocolat and Danish pastry manufacture.

Montana Bakery laminate products are made to an authentic French recipe using only French flour and Normandy butter. The process of pinning the dough then folding with butter to create layers is undertaken 24 hours before the dough is ready to use thus ensuring maximum quality and flavour.

Only authentic Montana Bakery laminated products have the unique quality of many separate layers created from the butter folding process. Inside, this product has soft, buttery layers that give a pleasant contrast to the crisp outer crust. Using butter ensures a rich and luxurious flavour rewarding you with a moment of indulgence. Using an egg-wash before baking creates the lovely characteristic golden-brown sheen on the surface of these products.

Croissants. These are hand-finished in many sizes and shapes from small, mini, and full size to straight, curled, square, and twist formats. Pain au chocolat and Danish pastries are available in sizes ranging from small single serve to the large, indulgent treat.

The trend towards snacking, out of home eating and the development of consumer taste profiles has lead Montana Bakery to the development of both sweet and the unusual savoury croissants and Danish pastries. Montana Bakery's flavour balances for the savoury and sweet range have been created around collective hot eating occasions throughout the day.

Brioche. This is a rich dough incorporating butter and egg. To ensure the best result, Montana Bakery makes the dough 24 hours in advance of baking, in so doing guarantees a full flavour. Brioche can be made in many variations of shape, size and flavour from loaves that can be used for luxury desserts to small individual rolls. Popular inclusions for brioche feature orange zest, cherry, cranberry, raisin, apricot or blueberry giving a high quality in both flavour and appearance.

Focusing on the hot and cold snacking requirement of our clients has resulted in a formulation that allow the special laminates to be heated by microwave or convection oven or a balance of the two.

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