World travel has opened the way for a consumer driven explosion in taste profiles. Ever increasing popularity for speciality bread is due to the consumers appetite for different and distinctive breads that deliver both high visual and flavour. This combined with changes in eating habits – time, convenience and food preferences – has lead to a burgeoning speciality bread sector. Montana Bakery will continue to build upon its deserved reputation for delivering creative and innovative breads that fulfil these consumer expectations.

The Montana portfolio has been created to meet the needs of the retailer to enable delivery of speciality breads to the consumer in a format that is both distinctive and attractive. Spearheading the market trends and most of all, delivering products of high visual appeal and taste quality, Montana Brand allows the retailer to capitalise on market growth now and not in six months time when the sector has moved on.

Montana Brand packaging has been devised around the bakery's expertise in producing European breads. With strong emphasis on a Mediterranean theme, its styling is both attractive and distinctive which conveys quality and brand recognition to the consumer. The highly individual Montana branding is specifically designed to catch and focus the attention of customers purchasing across ambient, chilled and frozen bakery sectors.

The Montana brand has been developed in conjunction with leading retailers to capture myriad business opportunities in the speciality sector. Bake in the bag technology, fresh, oven dried Mediterranean vegetables and innovative styling, unified with handcrafted elements to deliver leading edge bread products.

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