Montana Bakery has a fully automated Pizza base facility and this together with in-house expertise has developed a number of pizza base recipes to create crusts that rival the traditional Italian Base. Montana's unrivalled success in this area is due to the adaptation of its renowned Ciabatta recipe for classic pizza base. This presentation reveals a texture that is more open, thereby retaining a high eating quality after baking at home by the consumer.

Pizza bases produced in Montana's modern, stone-baked oven enables customers to take advantage of the various style and shape options from small slipper to round or oblong. The stone-bake oven can be regulated to change the appearance of the base from par baked to full bake complete with characteristic charring.

Bases can be sauced with passata, nut free pesto or sprayed with extra virgin olive oil prior to stone baking to give diverse and individual qualities.

Any size base can be made – from single serve to family meal.

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