Speciality Handcrafted Bread, highly visual decorative breads - single-serve or Tear 'n' Share.

The Montana Bakery speciality hand crafted breads are created from a client brief or using our own exclusive recipes under the Montana brand. These breads are an innovative fusion of flavours and colours, often mirroring consumer travel experiences and taste profiles. Speciality hand crafted breads are regularly stone baked for that extra special quality.

Here are just a few of the style possibilities:

Flatbread. Traditional long fermented Ciabatta is shaped and proved, before a blend of toppings is added. A balance of flavours is created to suit the consumers eating occasion be it a meal, an accompaniment or to tear and share. The bread dough is placed on a tray ready dusted with semolina for the important final prove. It is then removed from the tray for baking on the sole of the stone-bake oven.

Stromboli. Special, fermented dough is folded to enclose layers of ingredients then dressed before baking to expose the inclusions once baked. Popular combinations for inclusion in this distinctive bread are prepared using pesto, slices of mozzarella, roasted red pepper, oven dried Mediterranean-style vegetables, tomato marinades, caramelised red onions, white onions or shallots.

Crown. Selected ingredients are enclosed in the dough which is made into a crown shape. When proved, cuts are made to form the points of the crown creating an interesting finish to the bread.

Our Pesto, mature Cheddar and Pecorino cheese crown is a delicate blend of special soft white dough with a generous coverage of nut-free green pesto, sprinkled with mature cheddar cheese then rolled and cut to form the round crown. The bread is sprinkled with Pecorino then stone baked to give lift and openness of texture. The final stage is to brush with a blend of extra virgin olive oil and basil.

Teardrop. The dough once rolled with the inclusion is shaped into a teardrop shape. The bread can be dressed with cheese, cuts or both to expose the contents once baked.

Wheatear. This highly visual bread is expertly dressed by hand before proving to allow the baking process to naturally expand the dough to represent the ear of wheat.

Piegatta. An Italian fold; this bread is filled with ingredients enrobing the flavours. Made using Ciabatta or Focaccia dough, this distinctive bread is stone baked in a very hot oven.

Spiral. The unusual appearance is given to this dough by twisting before baking on the sole of the stone bake oven. Already having a delicate balance of inclusions, this bread can be further enhanced by the addition of extra virgin olive oil after baking, just adding that little extra touch of quality.

Montana Bakery's also has an exciting selection of small rolls ranges from plain, round to hand-crafted specialities. Many recipe inclusions and toppings can be added and when combined with the numerous shapes and styles like knots, Kaiser, fold, tin, square, round or fluted offers an extensive and uniquely attractive assortment.

Montana speciality rolls are based upon recipes using white, brown, wholemeal and our renowned Ciabatta and Focaccia doughs. The use of seeds, grains, peppers onions and Pesto enhance the flavour profiles and dressing the rolls with seeds, cuts and glaze before baking creates a stunning visual appearance.

Speciality rolls are available in a diverse range of sizes - selected by the customer from small, airline-style presentations to large rolls that can be filled.

Montana Bakery has developed oven-bake, technology packaging which expertly complements the reheating of speciality rolls in either single or multi-bag options.

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